About Prop 65

While we love California, its Prop 65 is flawed, especially when it comes to seaweed. Scroll for more info.

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"This Institution..."

We're not too happy about California Prop 65's required labeling.

It's biased against seaweed, an Eastern vegetable that's been used for centuries for its health benefits. Due to California’s large agricultural lobbying industry, Prop 65 sets stricter limits for certain chemicals in seaweed than it does for U.S.-grown vegetables like spinach, even when spinach oftentimes has more of these chemicals than seaweed does. Brussel sprouts, spinach, and other leafy vegetables often exceed Prop 65's limit by 5-10x, but are exempt due to lobbying.

So, if you're a seaweed lover like us, make your own decision about Prop 65's warning labels. We stand our products and believe that they're a delicious and healthy snack that everyone can enjoy!